Nicolas Diteriks


They Are Billions (Numantian Games) – Composer

Eqqo (Parallel Studio, Google) – Orchestrator

Vampyr (DONTNOD Entertainment, Focus Home Interactive) – Music Editor

The Council (Big Bad Wolf, Focus Home Interactive) – Music Editor


My City Entertainment Tycoon (Nanobit) – Composer

Eminence: Xander’s Tales (Stoker Games) – Composer

My Story Choose Your Own Path (Nanobit) – Composer


The Technomancer (Spiders/Focus Home Interactive) – Music Editor

Hollywood Story (Nanobit) – Composer

The Horde (VIM Digital) – Composer


The Vermilion Pact (Awex Studios) – Composer

Out of Sight (ISART Digital) – Composer

Spirit of War (G-OLD/Bulkypix) – Composer


Lords of Xulima (Numantian Games) – Composer

Sylfria Chronicles (G-OLD) – Composer

“This is the magic of this soundtrack: for all the times you die, it always makes you want to fight again”, No More Casuals (They Are Billions)

“The soundtrack masterfully weaves itself into the layers of environmental sounds”, BonusStage (They Are Billions)

“A dark style with an impressive music”, Navi Games (They Are Billions)

“A dramatic score of a post-apocalyptic atmosphere tinged with a sense of hope and triumph.”, Original Sound Version (They Are Billions)

“Wonderful music”, (Eminence: Xander’s Tales)

“Marvelous soundtrack”, Indie Games Magazine (Eminence: Xander’s Tales)

“Eminence has a very gorgeous OST for us to experience in game”, Kick Punch Gamer (Eminence: Xander’s Tales)

“The music is this game is absolutely phenomenal”, Sea Otter Gamer (Eminence: Xander’s Tales)

“Gorgeous soundtrack all the way through”, Matt Chat (Lords of Xulima)

“Brilliant soundtrack that accompanies us during the whole adventure”, Meristation (Lords of Xulima)

“Sublime soundtrack”, Game Side Story (Lords of Xulima)

“The music, meanwhile, is simply enchanting. The dulcet and soothing tones hearken back to the halcyon days of SNES and Sega Genesis where the music played an equally important part as the game itself”, Digitally Downloaded (Lords of Xulima)

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